Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Lack of training and motivation.

Been a terrible time training wise with my hip flexor's been at me and pain too much to train with.
I had signed up for the Laura Lynn half and the night before pigged out on a take away.
In the morning I decided to run but was anxious about the hip flexor's.The day was fantastic with the sun beaming and great turn out.I went out hard for the first mile and decided it would be a long awy home on my own with seasoned runner Frank Quinlan of Waterford Ac just behind me.I decided to run back and run with Frank and we did so up until 8-9 miles and I started to struggle a little then.I got tight calf muscles wearing a pair of racing flats that are too light for a 13stone runner.I managed to pick it up a little over the last 2-3 miles as my mate Gary helped me out with some pacing and managed to peg back some time on Frank finishing up 18 seconds behind and in a time of 76mins.

Over the next few weeks I got out 3-4 times but struggled on a longish run and felt very down about things.
I decided to run the Arc 10k a race that I have won 3 times before and had been promoting in the shop as Arc is a great cause.The race couldn't have gone better as I have missed so much training and finished up winning comfortable enough just outside calf's didn't suffer after I changed racing shoes to the puma Fass 300 which where class.
The Hip flexor's feel much better and I hope to get some training in now over the coming months down at Donore Harriers.

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